I AM a 75-year-old lady who was born and bred in St Helens (of which I am proud), but what has happened to our once lovely town?

After trying to find an outfit for my niece’s wedding, in what few shop that are left, my daughter decided to take me to Warrington.

What a difference in a town just a few miles away from here.

The shops were full and it was all hustle and bustle, plus the people looked a lot happier, and on top of that I got the outfit I was looking for.

As my generation will remember, Church Square used to be lovely with the flower gardens and benches all round, plus the water fountain and all there is now is skateboarders knocking into everybody.

So come on St Helens Council, get something done about it and get our once lovely town centre back to like it used to be, after all most of us pay enough rates, don’t we?

On another subject I would like to ask one of the councillors to try and get through Haydock between 8.10am and 4pm to 6pm.

The people of Haydock are fed up with the traffic and to top it all the plans passed by the council to put great big warehouses on our green belt land was nothing but atrocious. 

It will only add a lot more congestion to the traffic we already have.

Haydock Resident