A CAFE is set to name their new sensory room after a little boy with autism who had to travel as far as Preston for a suitable place for him to play.

Maison Wood, from Parr, has numerous health conditions as well as autism and sensory processing disorder.

That means that he can get overwhelmed with things around him as he is very sensitive to sound, light and touch.

This means it can be difficult for mum Shannon Hill to find places to take Maison to play like other children his age, as he can get very distressed.

This has led to her travelling as far as Preston to find a sensory play area suitable to his needs.

So when she heard how Playdays Cafe on Central Street was looking for donations towards making a sensory room she jumped at the chance to help.

Along with family and friends they raised £650 and as a thank you the cafe is naming the special room after Maison, so he will always have a place to play.

Shannon, 24, said: "When I saw Playdays were looking for donations to fund a sensory room I knew straight away I needed to do something because I've had to take Maison and his brother as far as Skelmersdale and Preston but for some people this isn’t an option.

"We raised £650 between us and I couldn't have done it without Michael Vesey, Dominic Vesey, Tom Appleby at Grantreel Construction Ltd who my dad works for, my parents and also Maison's nursery Willow Park.

"I am honestly so happy, and touched that Playdays are going to call it 'Maison's Room', it's like a dream come true."

A spokesperson for Playdays Cafe said: "We have been overwhelmed by the support we have had from the community in order to enable us to create a sensory room.

"We appreciate wholeheartedly the support everyone has given us so far, especially Shannon Hill, who has donated a considerable amount to us in order to make our dreams a reality.

"Shannon's little boy Maison has fought many battles in order to maintain a normal family life.

"Shannon has had to (many times) travel out of the borough to seek facilities which will accommodate Maison's needs.

"This sensory room will not only allow Maison, but many other children in similar situations, to enjoy and embrace the calming and soothing environment that they so desperately need in St Helens.

"This is why we have made the decision with Shannon for our room to be quite rightly named after her brave little soldier Maison."

They will start work soon on the new sensory room.