FRANCIS Dixon shared this wonderful old team photograph of Lowe House School football team.

The picture features the team, which competed in the final of the 1965/66 St Helens Primary schools Competition.

The team lost 1-0 to St Peter and Paul in the final.

Francis said: "Folk might be interested in the photo below which is of the Lowe House School Football team that played in the final of the 1965/66 St Helens Primary Schools Competition."

Francis says he believes the line-up consists of:

(Front row right to left): Francis Dixon; Brendan Lyons; Vincent Ellis (capt); Keith Devine; Anthony Valentine; Leslie Honey.

(Back Row - right to left): Michael Connolly; Adrian Mitchell; Vincent Shaw; Brian Tickle; Christopher Doyle; Graham Doyle; Barry Nielsen

Francis says the final was played at Merton Bank Primary School.

Are you among the players in the picture?

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