SHOPPERS have expressed dismay at the forthcoming closure of Topshop as the store gets set to shut its doors in St Helens for the final time tomorrow, Saturday.

The Arcadia Group which owns Topshop announced that the Church Square Shopping Centre branch would cease trading earlier this year.

After a 70 per cent off sale to sell off the remaining stock a closure date was set for Saturday, July 13.

Sources told the Star that although some members of staff have been placed in other stores, many have been left without positions or have taken voluntary redundancy.

Shoppers in the store, vocalised their disgust of the closure.

A mum-of-three from Sutton, said: “This is the final straw for me now.

“I am sad that our Topshop is set to close down. I have shopped there since I was at St Helens College when I left school in 1994.

“My daughter Ruby, who turns 12 this year, is now a Topshop girl and I love an outing to town with her on a Saturday to visit Topshop and buy the latest trends at decent prices. It will be a very sad day when Topshop closes its doors.”

Dr Lynette Adams, from the borough, said: “I’m not crazy about Topshop closing its store here because it seems to me that more high street stores are closing and that the people have St Helens have nowhere to go. They need to support more independent retailers to go into these spaces.”

Jean Thompson, 86, from Moss Bank, said: “Everywhere is shutting and soon there will be no shops in the town centre.

“Going over to retail parks is no good, its too hard to get to despite the bus, which isn’t good enough really.”