A CAR salesman got a surprise today when he found a random tortoise beside a vehicle on the sales car park.

John Harley from the PSD Group on Prescot Road got the shock of his life earlier today when he went over the road to the sales car park to fetch a car and found a tortoise was beside it on the tarmac.

John, 32, said: "I just went over to get the car and I thought there was a hat on the floor, then it started moving and I realised it was a tortoise.

"Apparently it come from the back garden of a house that backs on to the car park but the owner isn't home yet so right now the tortoise is chilling in a box in our workshop being fed lettuce leaves.

"I think he's had quite an exciting day actually, though he'll probably just be happy to get back to his garden.

"I guess you never know what the day will throw at you, I certainly didn't expect to see a tortoise today."