TODAY, Violet-Grace's Law proposing tougher sentences for dangerous drivers that kill, will be debated in the House of Commons.

Here is everything you need to know before that takes place...

Who is Violet Grace and what is the debate of Violet-Grace's Law

Violet-Grace Youens was a four-year-old girl from Eccleston who was killed following a hit-and-run in March 2017 on Prescot Road.

Violet-Grace's Law is a proposed law her parents have established via a petition calling for tougher sentences for dangerous drivers who kill, this follows the driver of the car Aidan McAteer being sentenced to nine years and four months, of which he will only serve half in prison and half on licence.

The petition has so far amassed 164,000 signatures from across the UK.

Where will the debate take place?

The debate will take place in Westminster Hall. It could last up to three hours.

How long it will take will depend on how many MPs go to the debate and how long their speeches are.

St Helens Star:

What will happen in the debate?

Helen Jones MP will open the debate and talk about the petition and the issue.

Other MPs can then speak about the topic and question the Government on what it’s doing about it.

A Government Minister has to take part and answer the points raised. They will normally speak at the end.

Will there be a vote?

No. Most debates in Parliament don’t lead to a vote.

Will there be a change in the law?

No. Debates cannot directly change the law, the debates give MPs an opportunity to try to persuade the Government to act and change the law.

St Helens Star:

So why is the debate so important?

Debates put pressure on the Government to act, particularly if lots of MPs show up.

Debates raise the profile of a campaign inside Government and influence decision-making in Government and Parliament.

The Government Minister has to take part in the debate and put the Government’s position forward.

St Helens Star:

What does this potentially mean for Violet-Grace's Law

It means that the proposed law change and incident which led to Violet's death and the limitation of the current law will be discussed.

MPs then have the opportunity to back the call for a change or speak on their thoughts about what is said.

If there is a lot of support this will give MPs a chance to persuade Government, who then decide if they will change the law.

How will you find out?

Star reporter Kelsey Maxwell is attending the debate at Westminster Hall, she will be reporting what is said by MPs and reactgion from outside the House of Commons after the debate.

This will appear on the website shortly afterwards.

St Helens Star:

What time will this happen

The debate will start at 4.30pm today, Monday, July 8.

How can you help?

The petition is not closed yet and the more signatures the petition gets, the stronger the argument is for Violet-Grace's Law.

If you have not yet signed please sign the petition here -->

If you have signed then please share the petition and encourage others to sign and then click on the confirmation email afterwards, without clicking on the email your signature is not added and does not count.

Sign, share and spread the word #violetgraceslaw #westandwithvioletgrace