A HORRIFIED mum-of-one has recalled the "terrifying" moment she watched a hammer attack while driving home from work on the East Lancs Road, near Windle Island.

The 55-year-old, was on her way home to Rainford on the East Lancs Road around 5.45pm last night, Thursday, July 4, when she witnessed a van driver get out of his vehicle, walk over to another van, open the door and attack the driver with a hammer.

She said: "I was on my way home on the East Lancs in the filter lane where you can turn right to Rainford or straight on to Liverpool and the lights were on red.

"There was a silver transit van in the filter lane and a man got out of it and walked across to a white work van in the Liverpool lane.

"He opened the door of the van and started hitting the driver with a hammer.

"It was terrifying and went on for about 30 seconds, which seemed like quite a long time. You could see the driver stretching his arms out blocking the hammer.

"There was shouting going on as well but I couldn't hear what was being said over the sound of my engine and everyone, around 30 to 40 cars, were honking their horns.

"No one got out to help which is sad but makes sense because it was so scary really.

"The lights then went amber and the man with the hammer just walked back over to his van and got in and sped off towards Liverpool.

"Thankfully a police van was behind in the traffic and went off after him."

The advertising sales executive added: "I was frightened, it was really scary.

"When he got out I thought he might shout at someone but then when I saw the hammer I was like 'Oh my god' I just couldn't believe it.

"That man must have hit that driver with the hammer more than 10 times so I hope the police caught up with him because he shouldn't be out on the streets doing something like that.

"It's scary to think that children could have been in cars and witnessed that.

"It is just so out of the ordinary and it's a wonder the guy didn't die because one blow to the head and it could have been that result."