DELIVERY man Keith Grimes' singing skills have gone viral thanks to a new video dedicated to Saints wingman Regan Grace.

Keith, managing director at Sutton-based KG Express, has shared a video of himself singing a version of Mambo No. 5.

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Massive Saints fan Keith has rewritten the lyrics to the title Regan Grace Number 5 and brilliantly belted out the track in his broad Sintellins accent.

And the song has been going down a storm having been shared by Saints' official social media accounts and by Regan Grace himself.

Fans group has even suggested the track could be made into a pre-Wembley hit if Saints make it to the Challenge Cup final.

The former Pilkington Recs amateur rugby league player's effort has even spurred others into action.

Saints women's player Chantelle Crowl posting her version themed around the Saints women's side.

"The response has been ridiculous," said Keith.

"It has had 60,000 views on Twitter so far and nearly 50,000 on Facebook. It is unbelievable, it has done really well."

And there is more to come from KG Express.

"I have written a Tommy (Makinson) one and that will be coming out later this week or early next week!"

Keith said he gets the ideas while listening to songs while driving home from work and says he hopes they provide "a bit of fun" for people.

"It's fantastic to add a bit of fun into St Helens. There's so much negativity and it's good to throw a bit of fun in.

"I have had responses from other teams too, it's good to get feedback from them."

The lyrics to Regan Grace Number 5:

One, two, three, four, five

Give Regan Grace the ball, he will score you tries

down the left wing while the crowd do sing.

Your defence will try and stop him but they're really not gonna.

Straight through and away he goes

And where he goes next, nobody knows.

We've had Albert and Meli and Sully and Swift

And now we've got Regan and this kid can't half shift.

So what has he done, he's just picked up the ball and scored

And now the referee has got us waiting for the board

So while we're waiting and it shouldn't take long,

so come on while you sing my song.

A little bit of Makinson runs out wide,

A little bit of Percival back inside,

A little bit of Taia on the run,

A little bit of Lomax having fun,

A little bit of Walmsley on the charge,

A little bit of skill from Theo Fages,

A little bit of LMS here I am,

A little bit of Regan, he's the man.