THE 12-year-old boy who fell through the roof at Parr Swimming Baths has broken his back, femur, ankle and elbow, his devastated mum has confirmed. 

St Helens Star:

Ben Smith is believed to have fallen more than 40 feet into the leisure venue at Recreation Street, Fingerpost.

According to reports, three youths had been on the roof before one of them crashed through the roof of the building.

The incident happened at about 6.20pm yesterday, Sunday, June 23.

Ben is in a serious condition in hospital and his family is at his bedside.

His mum Danielle Glover said: "He is doing OK but he has broken his back, his femur, his ankle and his elbow and is in a lot of pain.

"But there is nothing we can do but give him pain medication.

St Helens Star:

"He is going for his femur, elbow and ankle fixed hopefully today if not tomorrow and he has to have metal plates and metal rods in his back.

"We aren't to sure what they're going to do yet I'm just sat by him waiting to see if he can have his op done."

Danielle wants to thank the well wishers who have got in touch and left messages for Ben, wishing him a speedy recovery.

She added: "Thanks for asking about him and to all the people that was at Parr Baths that tried to get in to him or just tried to help thanks so much."

St Helens Star:

Ben's grandmother wrote on Facebook that he is believed to have plunged 44 feet.

She added that his fall was broken by metal bars near the shallow end of the pool, which threw him into the water.