MAL Meninga wants to return to Saints with his Kangaroos in autumn 2020.

The Australian head coach, who guested at Saints in 1984-5, has indicated to England boss Wayne Bennett that he has had discussions about bringing the tourists to St Helens for a midweek game in the middle of a three-match test series at the end of next year.

Still a hero in town after those 31 games in the centre in which he helped deliver the club’s first silverware in seven years, it seems Meninga retains a soft spot for the club.

None of the details, however, have yet been confirmed.

Bennett, speaking at a Great Britain press conference at Saints today, said: “I was speaking with Mal the other day and he said he was keen to come here to revisit the Kangaroo tradition and play some midweek games, more than just the three nations we did in the past.

“That would be exciting stuff, with the World Cup the year after.

“Mal played here (St Helens) for a period of time in 1984 and he said he had talked to the owners here about the possibility of playing a game here next year.

“They will play the Knights as well, which would be great for them too.

“There would only be two or three games, but that is all you would need to make it like what it used to be.”