A PENSIONER who had her purse stolen out of her bag while out shopping is warning others to be aware of the dangers.

Thelma Gravener, 78, from Chain Lane was getting her shopping from Morrisons on Boundary Road and realised her purse was not there as she tried to leave.

CCTV footage at the store showed a woman taking it from her purse - and by the time Thelma reported it to her bank, the thief had already spent more than £160.

Thelma, who says she lives off her pension and has been left "very, very distressed" by the ordeal, is hoping that by sharing her story, others will be "more aware and on the ball".

She said: "I go to Morrisons almost everyday and I've never had any problem, but yesterday this just left me very, very distressed.

"I had everything in that purse, my keys, driving licence, cards, cinema unlimited pass and my bus pass.

"I've had to sort all of that out today, and in the space of time it took me to get to the bank, that woman had spent £167 of my money on the contactless in town.

"I live off my pension, thank goodness the bank said they will help and put the money back in for me, and Morrisons staff have been great too.

"I had left my bag open, it was silly, but many people do it. So let this be a warning to everyone else, please keep aware when you're out shopping.

"I wouldn't want anyone else going through the stress that I have had to deal with."