ST HELENS South and Whiston MP Marie Rimmer was among a group of Labour MPs who tore into Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit strategy at a party meeting on Monday, according to widespread national news reports.

The Guardian newspaper cited MPs inside the private gathering who claimed there were surprise interventions from colleagues who have never spoken out against the leader before, including Ms Rimmer.

St Helens Star: Marie Rimmer will return as council leader after Labour's victory.

Marie Rimmer reportedly spoke out at the meeting of Labour MPs

According to the report, the St Helens MP's speech led to whoops and cheers in the room as she said: “People who worked with you for years are turning away from us.”

It is also reported she said it “wasn’t easy for me to vote Labour” in the EU elections, and “the leadership is not there” on the party’s Brexit policy.

The Guardian cited a Labour MP, who said: "She eviscerated him" and another called it “one of the best speeches I have ever heard in here – it clearly came from the heart”.

St Helens Star: Jeremy Corbyn said Labour should represent the 'gut feelings' of supporters

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is coming under fire

It is reported the Labour leader had earlier said the party must unite to take on the “dangerously damaging policies” of the Tory leadership candidates an that Labour was committed to working cross-party to stop no deal.

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