ELDERLY and vulnerable residents who live near a park are being left frightened by youths, police say.

Officers confirmed on Saturday they have received numerous reports of yobs targeting buildings and homes in and around Taylor Park, Eccleston.

Police in St Helens did not go into detail of specific incidents or streets but they said there had been cases of criminal damage that have distressed neighbours.

A police spokesman said: “Parents! If your children cannot respect the property and the people around this area, then do not allow them to go there.  

“We will be taking action against any of these youths that are taking part in this.

“How would you feel if these terrified victims were your elderly relatives?”

“If you have any information as to who is involved in this mindless anti-social behaviour and vandalism then please contact us via direct message [on social media].”

Have you or your relatives been affected by yobs near Taylor Park? Email news@sthelensstar.co.uk