NOTHING to do around here and nowhere to go...

It’s a common moan you’ll often read if you browse the many social media or website pages where people air their views on the town.

Well if you wanted an example of how these opinions are blinkered just take a look at the number of events – many driven by community groups – over the last few weeks.

Events have included the magnificent Rocket 190 celebrations in Rainhill, the Westfield Street music festival, a food and drink fair in Newton-le-Willows, Rainford’s Picnic in the Park and the Dream’s 10th anniversary celebrations.

This weekend there will be Willowbrook Hospice’s Moonlight Walk, pop star Jess Glynne will perform at Haydock Park and Romeo and Juliet will be staged at Taylor Park. Rainford’s walking day is also on the horizon too.

Some of these events, such as the Haydock concert, have the backing of a large organisation, but many others are being driven by the tireless work of community groups who want to put on a show for their districts.

It says a lot about the spirit of places such as Rainford, Rainhill and Newton-le-Willows, where people’s motivation to make a difference is making a huge contribution to the vibrancy of the St Helens borough.

We believe that having the capacity to stage community events is something that should be taken into consideration when making plans to revitalise St Helens town centre. As it stands, public events that take place here are generally located in Church Square or Victoria Square, but neither was purpose built for gatherings.

A well planned event space, possibly involving some park land, equipped with viewing points, a stage and the necessary technology could have a transformative effect for the town centre and increase its appeal to young families.

  •  Another mightily impressive win for Saints on Saturday leaves Justin Holbrook’s team 80 minutes away from Wembley. Reaching the Challenge Cup final after an 11-year wait would be huge for the club and the town – let’s hope the men in the red vee can maintain their blistering form.