COMMUNITY cafe Momo's is set to open this Saturday, June 8 - and here is a first look inside.

The venue, which hosted regular workshops and events, had to close its Cotham Street premises in November due to regular flooding.

However, the public rallied behind owner Claire Rigby weeks before Christmas, raising funds for her and coming up with a plan to save Momo's.

After fundraising, donations and a lot of hard work, they are ready to open at 10am on Saturday in their new home in what was Dali bar on Westfield Street, most recently Bonkers Bar and Prep Boxx.

The venue has full disabled access, a play area, a section for the cafe and another room for events and clubs, which can also be used as access seating.

Owner Claire and business partner Col Clemmit said: "It has been amazing what we have been able to do because of everyone's donated things.

"We've upcycled pretty much everything, worked from 9am to 11pm most nights for six weeks but we couldn't be happier.

"Businesses and people from St Helens have donated everything from church pews to toys and furniture and digging in their sheds pulling out old paint and tiles – and we have used it all.

"What we've not needed has gone on to Willowbrook, nothing has gone to waste.

"All in all we've only spent £1,000 and that is because the people of St Helens wanted Momo's and rebuilt it through their donations.

"We are getting Pride of St Helens Unsung Hero winner Ned Forsyth to open it as well, because the community is the heart of what Momo's is about and Ned is all about that too."

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Claire added: "I never knew what Momo's meant to everyone until it closed and they all just went 'NO!'

"It has been crazy, we've gone from closure and a leaking venue to a new venue with everything I wanted.

"I can't wait for everyone to see it."

Momo's has also recently applied for funding to provide a small sensory garden at the venue in the future.

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