IF your lottery numbers came up last night, your first thought might be a house move. 

But where would you go in St Helens if you have suddenly got pots of cash to spend?

We've consulted property experts Zoopla to find out the five most expensive streets in St Helens and how much they estimate a house on one of them could cost. 

While the average price for a 3-bed house listed on Zoopla in St Helens is £143,662, there are also plenty of other properties to choose from for those with the deepest pockets. 

According to property buying site Zoopla, these are the most expensive streets in St Helens.

Highest value streets for property using Zoopla's 'Zed Index' - and average estimated price

1. Dartmouth Drive, Windle, St Helens

WA10 - £576,258

The most expensive house on this street is an estimated £859,000.

The four-bedroom house was last sold in 2001 for £339,550.

General street view for guidance only

2.Chapel Lane, Eccleston, St Helens

WA10 - £546,693

The most expensive property is a six-bedroom home now estimated to cost £824,000.

General street view for guidance only

3. Pikes Bridge Fold, Eccleston, St Helens

WA10 - £530,685

General street view of for guidance only

4. Crank Road, St Helens

WA11 - £525,410

5. Sidmouth Close, Windle, St Helens

WA10 - £487,743

In addition to the most expensive, Zoopla has also rounded-up the streets with the highest turnover - ie the ones where houses go up for sale most frequently.

That is worked out by dividing the number of sales over the last 5 years (excluding new build properties) by the number of homes in a given area.

The 5 highest turnover streets in St Helens are:

  • Worcester Close, St. Helens WA10 66.7%
  • St. Bees Close, St. Helens WA10 61.5%
  • Rock Street, St. Helens WA10 60.0%
  • The Manor, Rainford, St. Helens WA11 50.0%
  • Carnforth Drive, St. Helens WA10 50.0%