THE Star has written countless stories with Marie McCourt over the past three decades.

And it is with deep regret and sadness that we have never been able to place a story on the front page saying that her daughter Helen’s body has been found.

We admire Marie for her courage, resilience and energy that have driven her relentless campaigning.

Like so many of our readers we are pleased to see Marie’s pursuit of Helen’s Law gaining such progress at the seat of power.

Conor McGinn, the St Helens North MP who accompanied Marie to talks with the Secretary of State for Justice, believes the law will now pass through parliament and enter the statute books.

Marie’s pain at never being able to give Helen a Christian burial will not be eased.

But at least she knows her daughter’s name will change legislation at parole hearings, meaning killers will be faced with the prospect of more time behind bars if they do not reveal the whereabouts of their victim.