A CANCER survivor who took on a 12 hour spinathon to celebrate six months remission from the disease has raised more than £700.

Angelica Fenney, from Parr, was just 17 when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer, and since then has also battled cervical and skin cancers.

Avid cyclist and fitness fantastic, Angelica used exercise to rebuild her positive attitude towards her body which had been affected by numerous operations.

However, 12 months ago she claims her confidence hit rock bottom after comments were made to her about her working out with a colostomy bag at a borough gym...and she has not returned since.

But in a bid to rebuild her self esteem following the comments and her most recent fight with cancer, the 42-year-old took on a spinathon in Coulsdon near London on Saturday, May 18 to thank charity, Models of Diversity, that campaigns for greater diversity in the fashion, beauty and media industries, to thank them for their support.

Angelica is now a model and trustee for the charity, whose other models include amputees as well as people with physical and learning disabilities.

Charity CEO and Angelica’s best friend, Angel Sinclair, was in attendance and was delighted with the positive, warm reception from both Waitrose staff and locals who attended the event.

Angel said: “Despite the joyous atmosphere today, the feedback is still that not all people of size, age, colour and ability are being represented.

"This is why it is so important for events like this, where people can see they are not forgotten, they are relevant in this industry and that we are campaigning for change.

"It has been a wonderful experience for us to be in Waitrose with our MOD Squad, who represent every area of society and show the diversity of beauty”

Read more about Angelica at modelsofdiversity.org