COUNCILLORS have expressed disgust after a flurry of thefts and break-ins in a village and say residents are on "hyper alert".

Numerous incidents were reported in Rainhill over the weekend after a spate of incidents.

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It is believed a group have been going to properties in Rainhill and trying to get inside, possibly with the aim of stealing car keys.

At least 10 properties have been targeted with reports of at least one car being stolen, with offences taking place in the early hours.

On Monday, St Helens Police issued an appeal for information following reports of recent incidents in the village.

These included on Lowther Drive where a jewellery and cash theft happened at around 10am on Monday, May 13 but was on reported to police on Friday, May 17.

On Saturday, May 18, items were stolen from a BMW at around 3.20am. Meanwhile, on Sunday there were reported incidents on Railton Avenue between 2.30am and 8.10am involving cash and valuables being taken along with a Fiat car.

And on Manor Avenue between 1.30am and 4am on Sunday a bag containing cleaning products were stolen.

Meanwhile, three coats and a purse were stolen on Longton Lane between midnight and 6.50am on Monday.

Later on the same street a Honda CRV was taken along with keys and clothing.

St Helens Star: James Tasker

Cllr James Tasker

Independent Rainhill councillor James Tasker said: "Myself and Cllr Donna Greaves are speaking to Merseyside Police to try and get extra support for Rainhill, especially in the early hours of the morning.

"We are also going to arrange to meet with Merseyside Police as soon as possible to discuss Rainhill.

"Having seen some of the CCTV footage I find it disgusting that some people think that it is acceptable to target people in our community this way.

"To me people who do this are the lowest of the low and they need to be taken off the streets and put away for a long time. The people of Rainhill will not stand for these types of crimes and I hope that the police quickly catch those that are responsible."

St Helens Star:

Cllr Donna Greaves

Meanwhile, independent councillor Donna Greaves added: "We will not tolerate Rainhill being seen as a soft touch or easy pickings so with the network of community organisations and amount of CCTV, if you come here to commit crime, expect it to be your last job because Rainhill residents are on hyper alert."