A NURSERY'S expansion plans to increase its intake to 60 children which sparked objections from residents have been withdrawn.

Plans were submitted to expand the Daydreams Nursery at 236 Prescot Road to take up to 60 children.

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Proposals sought to increase the nursery by changing the use of a first floor flat.

There were also plans to demolish a garage and for four extra parking spaces for staff.

The proposals led to a flurry of written objections, with more than 15 received by St Helens Council in relation to the application.

Complaints centred particularly around the issue of potential increased parking and traffic congestion in the area.

One resident , who contacted the Star, said after the application was submitted: "We all think it's unfair that it is going to affect everybody on Grosvenor Road and none of us have received any letters regarding this.

"We can't even get in and out of our driveways, it's just overpopulated with cars.

"They are on about 60 children arriving in the morning and leaving at night.

"We have already got a full nursery nearby and the entrance to Taylor Park. It's chaos."

Following the plans' withdrawal, a resident said: "We're over the moon this has been withdrawn.

"It would’ve been like living near a school. It would just not have been fair.

"We worked all of our lives for a decent house, pay council tax. Our house would’ve been devalued if this had gone ahead."

St Helens Star:

One resident shared this photo with the Star

West Park ward councillors Derek Long and Marlene Quinn also raised concerns stating the "safety of road users and pedestrians must be our first priority".

A joint-statement said: "We will be making it clear to the council that we are extremely concerned about what this expansion could mean for congestion and parking around Prescot Road and the network of roads near to the nursery.

“Safety of road users and pedestrians must be our first priority."

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In the initial application, Daydreams Nursery Susan Dyson had said: "I appreciate that there are parking problems on Grosvenor Road. However, I feel this is due to businesses on Prescot Road. Their staff and clients park on Grosvenor Road.

"Also people park here going to the park. We also have people parking here who go into town. I should add most of the staff walk to work and I do not feel it is this nursery causing this problem."

Council planning officers have confirmed that the planning application has been withdrawn.