A PLANNING application has been drawn up seeking permission to bulldoze a former pub which was ravaged by a fire last month.

The former Green Dragon Hotel pub building on Gartons Lane, Sutton Manor was left as a burnt-out shell after the blaze, which is being treated as a "suspected arson".

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The fire saw the roof totally destroyed by the flames.

Firefighters spent around 11 hours tackling the fire which broke out on April 15.

The building has seen several fires over recent years. And a cannabis farm was discovered at the building in December 2017.

Bold ward councillor David O'Keefe had called for a quick decision on the building, before it becomes "more of an eyesore and falls into further disrepair".

St Helens Star:

Firefighters tackling last month's blaze

A planning application, submitted by Matthew Berridge James to St Helens Council, is seeking permission to demolish the former pub building.

A letter to the applicant from consulting civil and structural engineers William Jones & partners said: "It is clearly evident that the multiple fire events have substantially reduced the timber roof structure to charred remnants.

"There appears to be virtually nothing remaining of the roof structure".

It described the building as "a dangerous structure" and that "localised collapses of internal walls and chimney stacks could initiate further damage and collapse of external walls".

It said: "We consider that its present condition restricts any attempt to carry out localised demolition and it presents an immediate threat to anyone entering the building whether permitted or not.

"Our recommendation would be to carry out the demolition of the complete building as soon as possible, ensuring that the method of demolition is carefully planned".