PROM dresses and suits can be expensive. Never mind all the hair, makeup and shoes needed to ensure you feel special on such a memorable day.

In fact for some, prom shopping isn’t an option as the cost for an affordable frock or suit is too much. 

Now Teardrops Homeless Support Charity is aiming to change that by giving those who might not be able to attend their prom, the chance to make memories they will never forget.

St Helens Star:

After putting out a message calling for used dresses that are just sitting in the back of wardrobes, the charity received more than 100 donated outfits.

These included suits and frocks as well as shoes, jewellery, ties and handbags.
Jemma Gorman, 37, a volunteer at Teardrops and student at St Helens University Centre came up with the idea.

The mum-of-four, said: “I’ve been here on placement since January and I’ve seen the amazing work the charity does not just for the homeless but everyone who might need some help.

St Helens Star:

Jemma from Newton-le-Willows came up with the idea

“The idea came after my friend was getting rid of her bridesmaid dresses and I realised prom season is coming up and it might be too expensive or an overwhelming task for some people to sort.

“It’s easy to forget that people in St Helens might be finding it hard to find money for a brand new prom dress or suit or even might be busy being young carers and not have the time to go looking.

“But they deserve to have a nice time just like everyone else. Shauni and Nick at Teardrops loved the idea and the response has been amazing.”
Shauni Ward, co-founder of Teardrops and manager Nick Dyer, added: “When Jemma came to us with the idea we loved it and the response, as usual with the St Helens community, has been brilliant. We have been in touch with all the schools and many gorgeous dresses and suits have been collected.
“If anyone wants to have a look or lend any support by doing free hairstyling, barbering, makeup or nails then it would be much appreciated. Just drop us a message on our Facebook or Twitter or drop by the Crab Street hub.”