IT'S great news for St Helens that a statue of the women’s footballing great Lily Parr is to be put in place outside the National Football Museum in Manchester (see here).

A century ago Lily’s achievements – driven by her phenomenal power and athleticism – were incredible but her place in history has never received the prominence it deserved, primarily due to the ban in the 1920s imposed by the FA , which called on association clubs to stop women’s games taking place on their grounds.

The women’s game has enjoyed a rebirth in recent decades and rightfully, the National Football Museum is redressing the historical balance and celebrating women’s greats such as Lily.

Pupils and junior teams in St Helens should be encouraged to make people aware of Lily’s sporting prowess and trips to the museum will take on even greater significance.

The council made a positive move by creating the Lily Parr Girls Football Festival at Ruskin sportsground last year. Perhaps a model of the statue being erected in Manchester could be created at Ruskin if funds or donations are secured?