IN response to the letter on lazy parking in St Helens, I totally agree with the gentleman’s comments.

We live in a residential area and on a bend on both sides of the avenue where transit vans are half parked on the pavement, causing a dangerous obstruction to the view of the bend for cars going up or down.

Apparently they have been asked to move them to the front of their own property but one response was there wasn’t any room for them to park on their own front.

Some don’t even live on the avenue.

They seem to think it is OK for them to park at the side of other people’s property other than their own.

It is becoming more and more dangerous and somebody, be it an adult or more so a child, is going to get seriously hurt or killed.

Is this what has to happen before action is taken?

The police have been informed but they say there is nothing they can do.

I was told the council had been out to view the situation about two years ago but it was during the day when the transit vans are not there.

They need to come and view the area in the evening after six or very early morning.

To those who are responsible think of the consequences that could fall on your head and park in front of your own door.

Name and address submitted