A WARNING has been issued to motorists after reports of pedestrians being forced to go into the road due to cars parking on pavements.

This comes after pictures were sent into the Star by readers showing the level of pavement parking on Grosvenor Road near Taylor Park.

The concerned resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: "This is how dangerous it gets. Pedestrians walking down the middle of Grosvenor Road with children in prams due to the gridlock of traffic parked on kerbs on both sides of the road.

"Someone will get seriously injured one day."

Community Inspector Neil Birkett, said: "Drivers who drive or park their cars on pavements are putting pedestrians at an increased risk of injury or worse.

“I want to take this opportunity to ask that all drivers show consideration for pedestrians, children in prams, the disabled and partially sighted who are often forced to walk in the road as a result of vehicles being parked on pavements.

"We know that pedestrians have been struck by cars after being forced to walk in the road because a pavement has been blocked by a parked car.

"It is an offence to drive on to a pavement and an offence to cause obstruction to other road users, and motorists causing such obstructions could find themselves being issued with a fixed penalty notice, or have their car removed at their own expense.”

For more information on pavement parking visit merseyside.police.uk/advice-and-protection/policing-the-roads/pavement-parking.