THERE is a motion about to be debated in Parliament regarding pavement parking.

This plague is illegal in London and it is expected that the law will soon follow suit in the rest of the country. 

I hope it will discourage some of the lazy and selfish parking we see around our town.

Cars parked on pavements litter the town, often where people have a drive but don’t use it.

People should also think twice before buying vehicles that they have no room to store safely.

Houses with four or five vehicles cluttering up the pavement are now commonplace.

Some roads in our town are almost impassable due to parked cars on both sides of the road.

Rivington Road is beyond unsafe and Kiln Lane is heading the same way as is Moss Bank Road.

The residents of such a lovely street as Hartington Road should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves as so many cars are parked fully on the pavement,  that use of the pavement for pedestrians is virtually impossible. 

Last week on Ellison Drive near the junction of Knowsley Road I saw a disabled man having to drive his disability scooter along the middle of the road as the pavement was totally blocked by a line of cars on both sides, which is  usually folk using the corner shop or the two takeaway chip shops.

At the traffic lights in the middle of Thatto Heath there is usually chaos due to cars parking half on the kerb to use the local shops even though there is double yellow lines.

Sadly parking is a criminal offence and falls under the jurisdiction of the Police. Imagine how much money the council could raise in fines if they were allowed to deal with this menace.

There is nothing like parking to bring out the laziness and selfishness of people.

Mr C, Eccleston