A MUM-OF-ONE has opened up an outdoor nursery in Carr Mill Dam where little ones can get back to nature while learning.

Terri Beddow, from Haresfinch, has worked with children since she was 16 and is a registered child minder, but her dream of opening Mojo’s Nature Nursery is now a reality after launching in a section of Carr Mill Dam.

This will be the first of two nature nurseries for Terri and her partner Gary, who are also opening a nursery at the former Pets Corner in Sherdley Park in the future.

Terri, 34, said: “Children now are mostly out of touch with their outdoor surroundings and it is a real shame, because being outside and understand nature is important.

“Children who come to our nursery will learn the same as in other nurseries, the difference being that weather permitting, they will be outside learning with nature not just in a classroom.”

The nursery has places for 15 children and five staff and is situated next to the Boat House.

She added: “Children don’t play out anymore, they are stuck inside, even when they are little, on iPads and stuff.

“The demand for child care in St Helens is there and parents should have a choice of what type of setting they want.”

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