A MUM and six-month-old baby “could have been killed” after a group of yobs hurled a brick at their car from a bridge above St Helens Linkway.

Mum-of-one Danielle was on her way home from a 21st birthday party at Saints’ stadium with her six-month-old baby daughter Darcie when her car was struck by an object hurled from a railway bridge.

This shattered the windscreen, leaving Danielle traumatised and covered in shards of glass.

The 30-year-old, who has asked for her surname to be withheld, said: “We could have been killed. I was driving towards B&Q and this brick came from nowhere smashing my windscreen and covering me in shards of glass. I drove on just past the Steve Prescott Bridge and pulled over, but I couldn’t move, and my baby daughter was screaming.

“There was a group of around 10 youths on the (railway) bridge just watching me. I was scared to get out, I was scared of what else they would do. I couldn’t even get out of my car and comfort my baby because of all the glass.

“That upset me more, the fact I couldn’t comfort her, for fear of cutting her. I just sat there in shock until my partner, mum and the police came.”

Danielle, a nursery nurse, says the group ran off when they heard the sirens.

She added: “Normally I put my daughter in the front with me in her car seat, but for some reason that day I put her in the back and I’m so grateful I did. She could have been covered in the glass like I was.

“The next day was Darcie’s christening. We could have been going to church for a whole different reason if that group had killed us. That would have broken my family. How would they feel if their mum, aunty or sister was put in that position?

“The police were amazing, but more needs to be done by parents to keep their children out of this kind of trouble. If my child did anything like that, I’d be taking them to the police station myself. They should be ashamed.”

DI Jackie Guinness said: “It is extremely lucky that the victim and her child were not injured in what could’ve been an incredibly serious incident.”

Call police on 101 quoting ref. 19100191739.