EDDIE Hemmings, who has provided the voice over for some of the most iconic moments in Saints’ Super League era, signs off from rugby league commentary today.

And what better way to go out than the biggest derby in rugby league against Wigan at the DW Stadium.

Hemmings has been on the mic for some Saints classics and real landmarks – the inaugural Super League triumph back in 1996, the dramatic Sean Long drop goal Grand Final winner against Bradford in 2002, the hail-lashed night in Bolton when the Saints beat the Brisbane Broncos the first time in 2001.

But there is one moment of huge drama that will live with him forever and nobody will ever let him forget.

It was the night Saints defeated Bradford Bulls after the clock had run down to win the semi-final at Knowsley Road and book a place at Old Trafford in the year 2000.

Nine passes, a Longy coss-kick, a Dwayne West break and the skipper Chris Joynt surging for the line to send the Saints fans through the roof and left Bulls head coach Matthew Elliott sliding off his seat like a sick blancmange.

“The ‘Wide to West’ try is the undoubted highlight,” said Hemmimgs.

“That was just a night that everything fell into place.

“A pal of mine who works for PING has given me a putter and on the base is my name, Sky Sports 1990 to 2019, and in quote marks ‘It’s wide to West, it’s wide to West.’ “There’s a wall with all the words and pictures of it on wallpaper apparently at Saints’ new ground.

“People have had t-shirts printed with the words on and I’ve got a canvas of all the words that includes all the names of those involved.

“A local WI group, I think it was, formed a choir and sang a song about Wide to West.

“And there’s a book, Farewell to Knowsley Road, which was brought out when Saints left their old ground. In it, the author likened the Wide to West try to Kenneth Wolstenholme’s ‘They think it’s all over, it is now’.

“And if people think that, well that’s just absolutely fabulous.”

His family will all be at the DW Stadium as he plays his last tune.

“It will be emotional,” said Eddie.

“I’ll try to treat my last game like any other and I’ll try to sign off with something, though I’ll have to write it down.

“I’ll miss the boys, I’ll miss the game, but 30 years isn’t a bad innings.

“I hope it’s a great game. If you can’t finish at the Grand Final, Wigan-Saints is not a bad game to go out on.”