HE may have turned 90 but that hasn't stopped Tony Sweeney from publishing his latest book, completing his trilogy of stories.

Tony Sweeney, from Eccleston, had his first book 'Light From The Earth' published in 2016, followed by his second tale We Do Those Shadows Tread the following year.

Now Tony has completed the trilogy with his third volume, A Town At last, also available in print.

St Helens Star:

The cover of Tony's latest book A Town At Last

The stories are set in the 1800s and combine fiction with inspiration from local historical events.

"The first one was about the Irish famine and immigrants coming to St Helens and the second was troubles with the locals and miners," said Tony, who worked at Pilks for more than 20 years.

"This is where St Helens becomes a town in 1868, it is following the same characters but 20 years later. It was initially meant to come out last year with the 150th anniversary."

St Helens Star:

Dad-of-two Tony says he is looking forward to a rest, though added "never say never" over the prospect of any future works.

He added: "It was a pleasure to write but the process of getting it published is very difficult.

"I've got about 100 to start with and must have sold about 30 but people have been waiting for it. I started writing it after the last one about two years ago.

"It is a mixture of fact and fiction and where there are gaps with the facts, I have been able to use my imagination."

  • The book is available at The World of Glass and Wardleworths bookshop on Westfield Street.