SAINTS boss Justin Holbrook gave his thoughts on how the year was developing when the Star’s Mike Critchley caught up with him.

MC: There must be a real buzz in the camp after that win over Wire?

JH: It was a really good win; they all played well and we needed to – we know how dangerous Warrington are.

It was a team effort. Our backfield is starting things really well for us and then the forward pack is taking over. The halves, with Cootey, are controlling the game really well.

Our all round game is really strong and long may it continue.

St Helens Star:

MC: Did you give Louie the option of not playing after his wife giving birth to twins that morning?

JH: Credit to Louie, and his wife Jess for letting him play. He did not travel to Catalans the week before, but it is always right when you give the players options. You do right by them and they will do right by you.

He really wanted to play and made a massive difference.

Louie stands out every week with his over the top effort and enthusiasm which is so good to have off the bench.

MC: Matty Lees got a reward for that chase and unsung work?

JH: We talk about LMS enthusiasm and effort, and Leesy is right behind him in that department. It is a great reward for him to get that try.

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MC: At the start of the year said you would start well and improve. Where are you going to improve on Friday?

JH: That was an acknowledgement that we had new players and would take time with the combinations. I wanted to do it that way because last year we flew out of the blocks and had to try and maintain it.

This year we are getting better every week and that is what we will continue to do.

St Helens Star:

The playing group are such a level group, and they are not content with anything. Nor should they or us as coaches be. We will just continue to work on combinations and keep improving.

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MC: And pleasing to see your right edge develop and come into the attack?

JH: I thought Kev stepped his game up last week and Tommy is on the end of that.

It is important for our overall team - we are really well balanced.

St Helens Star:

MC: Eyes 100 per cent on Wigan, but what are the plans for recovery for Monday’s game?

JH: Matty Daniels and Nathan Mills have put a lot of recovery stuff in place behind the scenes.

But I won’t have anything to do with it until full time on Friday.