SAINTS skipper James Roby recorded a video after Friday night's win to show the team's support of the #NoMoreKnives campaign in memory of Daniel Fox.

Following Saints' victory over Warrington on Friday, Roby took time to back the campaign by recording a video for the Daniel Fox Foundation.

In it he said: "This is a message to show our support to the Daniel Fox Foundation and the No More Knives campaign.

"More frequently than ever we are seeing knife related crimes on our streets and our own doorsteps.

"We at Saints think now is the time to change.

"Please sign the petition in the link below to help make a difference for yourselves and your children's futures."

The petition is calling for the government to increase the sentence for crimes involving weapons.

It has been launched by Karl Ashton, the step dad of Daniel Fox, from Thatto Heath who died in September 2016 due to a knife injury to the neck.

He was 29.

To sign the petition click here.