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THE heartbroken widow of crash victim Ian Glanister has launched a JustGiving page to raise funds to buy back the van which he "put his heart and soul into".

Former policeman Ian, from Parr, was on his way home from work at Egertons Recovery in Knutsford on Thursday, March 28 when he was involved in the fatal crash.

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Ian was riding his motorcycle on Manchester Road when a crash occurred with a car leaving Cottons Hotel at around 6.25pm.

The 29-year-old leaves behind wife Leighanne and two daughters Jennifer, five and Megan, nine.

On Friday, more than 100 modified vans and motorbikes, which was a big hobby of Ian's, rode in a cortege for his funeral at St Helens Crematorium.

At the lead was a big orange transit van which was built by Ian but sold last year.

The owner allowed the family to use it on the day.

After seeing how much the van means to Ian's grieving family, the owner said he is willing to sell it back to them, but they need to raise £3,500 to make that happen."

Ian's wife Leighanne, said: "Ian's van is more than just a van to us. It was a massive part of who he was.

"He put his heart and soul into building it and it's the final piece of him we can cling to.

"We don't want it to just sit on the drive, we want to attend the charity events he would of attended to show the girls that daddy still lives on in us and our actions."

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Ian with daughters Jennifer, five and Megan, nine

The page has already amassed more than £240 since it was launched yesterday, Sunday, April 14.

The page said: "Everyone knows what happened to a very loving husband, doting father, sibling and son.

"Ian was a man anyone could call on and he'd be there like a shot.

"He built a spectacular van and for his family he sold it so that he could get to and from his job to put meals on the table for his family.

"Now the person he sold it to has told us he's willing to sell it back. To the family.

"So come on everyone let's raise this money to bring this family heirloom back to where it belongs."

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Ian's van led the procession during his funeral cortege on Friday