PARK users have expressed dismay at scrambler riders entering a green area.

Bikers have been seen going on the grass on Queens Park, causing a nuisance.

Visitors say it is especially common during the holiday seasons when children are also at the park.

They say bikers can be seen doing wheelies and travelling at speed on the grass.

Issues over anti-social behaviour in the area have been ongoing with police having stepped up patrols in the past due to incidents.

St Helens Star:

Bike marks on the grass which were captured by police last year

Park user Emily Gaskell said: "I meet my friends at Queens Park. That's the first time I have seen them, but was surprised my friends said they are always there, especially in the holidays and while children are everywhere.

"This problem has gone on years. There are tracks everywhere. And when people say get them a track, how are they getting their bike to the track?"

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