A CLOTHING printing business has backed the dream of a 14-year-old boy with autism who is on a mission to spread joy and positivity.

Oliver Reece-Woods, from Laffak, had a difficult time at his previous high school where his mum Lisa Woods says he was labelled as "naughty and problematic".

But after switching to Rainford High, Oliver blossomed and turned his focus to creating a positive future for himself and others – by launching his own clothing line Oliver Jude Clothing which produces t-shirts with positive messages on them.

St Helens Star:

However, he needed help to manufacture his clothes on a bigger scale and closer to home. But no one would take a chance on his company.

That's until hivis.co.uk Elite Industrial Supplies decided to help after reading Ollie's story in the St Helens Star.

He was also contacted by MD Productions.

Three t-shirts are currently in production with the words 'I am Joy', 'Believe in Yourself' and 'Love' which will now be printed at hivis - based on Lea Green industrial estate.

Ollie said: "It's been amazing to have support from weeks ago when I thought would get anything and now I have this support from amazing people and this amazing company hivis it's been amazing.

"It's weird seeing everyone in my t-shirts but I love it.

"It was like no way I can't believe this is happening.

"It's just a swarm of positivity."

St Helens Star:

John Boland, company director of hivis, added: "When they approached us a couple of weeks ago and told us Ollie's story and how he is trying to sort himself up in business. I thought 'brilliant' and he's doing something similar to what we did 17 years ago when we started.

"He's raising money for a great cause and we just wanted to be part of it.

"I was amazed this morning when I came in and saw the staff with all the t-shirts on.

"Good luck to Oliver I know he's going to do well with it."

For more on Oliver Jude Clothing and to buy the t-shirts go to facebook.com/oliverjudeclothing.