SAINTS will be hosting a community sleep out tonight at the Totally Wicked Stadium to raise awareness of homelessness.

As part of the national YMCA Sleep Easy week, Saints have partnered with YMCA St Helens, Y Sports, Teardrops and St Helens Sports Development to host the first ever Saints Sleep Easy fundraising event.

The event will see residents and rugby league fans give up the comfort of their own beds for the night tonight from 7pm.

Mark Jennings, from Saints, said: “This is a unique new initiative to shine a light on the rising issue of homelessness in our communities.

"It won’t be an easy event to take part in but that’s the point – as well as raising money we want our fundraisers to gain a first-hand experience of what life is like for an increasing number of people in our region.”

Craig Richards from Saints Foundation, added: “We are determined to continue utilising the Totally Wicked stadium in imaginative ways to benefit the community, above and beyond match days.

"The size of the stadium means this is the ideal space to run an event like this – there is room for plenty of people to take part so we’re urging as many people as possible to join us.

"We’ve already had a fantastic response to the event, thanks to all those who have committed to joining us in March."

Shauni Ward, co-founder of Teardrops, added: "This event is an ideal way to raise awareness of homelessness and offer people the opportunity to experience a small part of a rough sleeper’s day.

"It will also help to raise funds for our hub so we can continue to support those who endure this night after night and all those who are vulnerable in our community. So please grab your sleeping bag and get involved."

There is a £20 registration fee to take part and participants are asked to raise funds through sponsorship. Register at

Text SLEEPOUT to 70085 to automatically donate £2 alternatively you can text SLEEPOUT with an amount between £1 and £20 eg SLEEPOUT £10 to donate £10.

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