THREE teenagers who were arrested after a stolen car crashed into a lamppost at Taylor Park following a police chase have been released under investigation.

The car, which had been stolen earlier this week during a burglary in Whiston, struck a lamppost in the car park of the park in Eccleston, near to the Regents Road entrance on Sunday afternoon (March 10).

Police had pursued the vehicle.

The vehicle was recovered from the scene and police officers liaised with the owners of the vehicle.

Three suspects - a 14-year-old boy, a 17-year-old boy and an 18-year-old man - were arrested in connection with the incident.

A police spokesman said today that the three have been released under investigation.

One witness of the incident told the Star: “I was in the park with my little daughter.

“We heard couple of police sirens coming from Prescot.

“At the end, the police chase ended up in Taylor Park's car park.

“Luckily the car park wasn't that busy...there were still parents with kids in the park, though.

“The car crashed into lamppost and they ran away.”