TO mark International Women's Day, we have put together a list of 10 inspiring women in St Helens who are at the top of their field, have overcome huge challenges and campaign and fight for others .

International Women’s Day is celebrated each year on March 8 and is a worldwide event that marks women’s achievements, all while calling for gender equality.

Since some women were granted the vote in Britain in 1918, women have taken a big step forward in business, politics and in society.

Here are just 10 of the inspiring women we in St Helens have to celebrate - and we want you to share information and a picture of the woman in your lives who inspires you and others.

St Helens Star:

1. Linzi Prescott

Mum-of-two Linzi Prescott from Eccleston, is a Trustee of the Steve Prescott Foundation (SPF), the charity set up in 2007 by her husband former RL star Steve Prescott following his diagnosis with a rare abdominal cancer pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP).

Since losing Steve in 2013, she has carried on his legacy and progressed the foundation that carries his name, which so far has raised millions for the Rugby League Benevolent Fund, The Christie Hospital in Manchester and the SPF Special Causes Fund.

She has also pushed her body to the limits by taking part in fundraising challenges such as trekking Mount Kilimanjaro and climbing to Everest Base camp.

St Helens Star:

2. Marie McCourt

Marie's daughter Helen McCourt was murdered in February 1988. Her body has never been found despite her killer being convicted of the crime through DNA evidence.

Despite her horrific loss, the mum-of-two has never given up hope of finding her daughter's remain and is campaigning for a law change that if passed would keep killers who do not reveal the whereabouts of their victim's body's behind bars.

She has campaigned to MPs, featured on TV programmes and taken part in documentaries all in the name of Helen's Law.

31 years later she is still fighting. She will never stop fighting.

St Helens Star:

3. Shauni Ward and Denise Kelly

We put this pair together because this mum and daughter team decided to establish homeless support charity Teardrops after seeing the need in St Helens.

They worked together to build a charity and hub where the homeless, rough sleepers and couch surfers can be given support, food and help.

They also provide opportunities for individuals to reach their full potential, taking into account that first their basic needs need to be met.

An inspiring family. Who go above and beyond to help others less fortunate.

St Helens Star:

4. Marie Rimmer MP

The St Helens South and Whiston MP is St Helens first female MP, who took her seat after replacing Shaun Woodward.

She previously worked as a councillor for St Helens Council for more than 30 years and acted as leader of the council.

Marie was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in the 2005 Birthday Honours for services to local government.

Regardless of your political stance, there is no denying that Ms Rimmer is a woman to be reckoned with and an inspiration.

St Helens Star:

5. Louise Harrison

After starting with Merseyside Police in 1992 Louise has worked her way through the ranks to become Local Policing Commander of St Helens and chair of the Gender Equality Network.

St Helens Star:

6. Becky Youens

After her four-year-old daughter Violet-Grace Youens was was killed by a speeding stolen car travelling at 83mpg on a 30mph road in 2017, Becky along with husband Glenn decided to turn their grief into helping others.

Becky, who had been accepted to be a student nurse days before Violet was killed, spoke to Glenn about her idea of their precious daughter becoming an organ donor.

Together they decided to donated her organs, leading Violet to save two people's lives. An act they said helps them get through their daily grief.

They have since established the Violet-Grace'S Gift charity which promotes and raises awareness of organ donation in Violet's memory.

Following her death, their strength in encouraging others to become donors led a further 4,000 people in St Helens alone to sign the register.

The pair have also now launched a online petition calling for Violet-Grace's Law, which calls for tougher sentences for drivers that kill.

Less than a month on they have more than 80,000 signatures, just 20,000 short of the 100,000 needed for parliament to consider it for debate.

An inspiring woman, who also works as a nurse and is a proud mum to not only Violet but three-year-old Oliver.

St Helens Star:

7. Jeanie Bell

Newton-le-Willows councillor Jeanie Bell is more than just a councillor.

As well as keeping up with her three daughters and her political duties as councillor, she has also been battling with two brain tumours.

Rather than retreating into the safety of home, she has written a blog about her journey and treatment and established a support group for others with brain tumours.

St Helens Star:

8. Dawn Jones and Linda Fox

Daniel Fox was killed in September 2016 by a knife wound to the neck. He was 29-years-old and was trying to help others.

Following his killer walking free from court after two trial juries failed to reach a verdict, his aunt Dawn and mum Linda could not let this injustice go unmarked.

Despite not being able to get Daniel justice, the sisters worked hard to campaign for #NoMoreKnives, calling for education and tougher penalities for those found carrying a knife.

They have since established The Daniel Fox Foundation and are working with police and St Helens Council to establish educational programmes and facilties to prevent others living through the loss of a loved one through knife crime.

St Helens Star:

9. Claire Cathcart and the families of Team 1C

Parents whose children have undergone heart surgery decided to band together to help save more than 100 children's lives after holding fundraising events to enable their surgeon to perform operations abroad.

Claire Cathcart, whose three-year-old son Jake was born with a high, irregular heart rate, led this initiative called the Healing Little Hearts event for Dr Ramana Dhannapuneni from Alder Hey Children's Hospital.

All the parents involved also have children who suffer from serious and often life threatening heart problems and despite the huge stresses that looking after their own children due to their problems, they selflessly and successfully continue to raise further funds for the camps by holding different events.

Dr Ramana has currently saved 101 lives through their selfless fundraising – and Claire's determination.

St Helens Star:

10. Julie Lynan

After surviving breast cancer, Julie Lynan dedicated her life to raising thousands of pounds to help sufferers of the disease.

She has run several fundraising campaigns in order to help cancer sufferers and survivors.

She also works as a patient advice and liaison (PALS) officer at Whiston Hospital, and made it her mission to thank everyone who had cared for her.

This is just a snapshot of the amazing women in this borough. We know there are hundreds, if not thousands, who inspire us.

We want to know who the inspirational women in your life. 

Send in pictures and information of your inspirational women for International Women's Day

Please include their name, why they are inspirational and a picture.

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