WAREHOUSING and logistics are among the sectors St Helens job hunters are entering. 

Newly-released national statistics show the UK a joint-record employment rate of 75.8 per cent with wages again outpacing inflation.

In the north west, the unemployment rate is at 3.9 per cent, believed to be a record low says the Department for Work and Pensions.

St Helens-specific figures for the number of claimants of unemployment benefits are now only being issued every three months following the Universal Credit rollout.

However, a JobCentre Plus spokesman says the "year on year picture hasn't shifted very much" in terms of St Helens employment rates.

He added that employment opportunities in the borough are surfacing, particularly in the warehousing, logistics and care work sectors.

Clive Morris, of JobCentre Plus, said: "For St Helens the main sectors are warehousing, logistics and care work. There is development in Haydock and a number of warehousing opportunities."

Clive added: "Also the retail side is an interesting balance. We all think shops are closing down but at the same time some do open new stores.

"There is the West Point retail park and the new Superbowl and we are supporting applicants with applications for that."