A SECURITY equipment manufacturer is enjoying a boost in international exports after it launched a new product in response to an increase in vehicle attacks.

Haydock-based ATG Access, an innovator of road blocker, bollards and vehicle barrier systems has launched Surface Guard, a pioneering, new hostile vehicle mitigation solution.

After starting off in the UK last year, Surface Guard has now been deployed to countries across the world, including France; Germany; Belgium; Denmark; Sweden; Japan; Australia and the United States of America.

The surface mounted security solution has protected a number of high profile international events - including Serious Request Festival in the Netherlands, Premier League football matches and Presidential visits - where crowds are deemed to be vulnerable.

Designed in response to the recent surge in vehicular attacks across Europe, a Surface Guard barrier can withstand the impact of a 7,200kg vehicle travelling at 32kph and has been tested in accordance to the IWA 14 crash test standard. The barriers’ lightweight and modular design means that it can be deployed quickly and efficiently by four men in under an hour, minimising disruption to event operation and the surrounding area.

Since Surface Guard’s launch last year, ATG Access has made close to £1.5m in sales; 15 per cent of which have been attributed to the protection of European municipalities, six per cent to Australian sites and 41 per cent to protect American applications.

And the company says it is on track to double this over the next year.

Gavin Hepburn, managing director at ATG Access, said: “Our Surface Guard solution was born out of the desire to provide a comprehensive method of protecting public events.

"When it comes to pedestrian-permeable, temporary event security, there aren’t any other security solutions that can challenge Surface Guard’s effectiveness, nor its ability to be rapidly deployed. This makes it an excellent option for securing temporary events and concerts around the world.

“As part of our continued international growth strategy, we aim to build on our relationships with countries across the globe, ensuring as many countries as possible have access to the best high-end security solutions, and the launch of Surface Guard is a driving force behind this.”

For more information, visit: atgaccess.com/product/surface-guard-system/