A HEARTBROKEN schoolgirl with diabetes has been reunited with a precious locket containing her dad's ashes – after it was found in the back of a car in Manchester three months on.

Eleven-year-old Lexie Hurst from Haydock, had been carrying the engraved locket holding the ashes of her dad Andrew Hurst – who died suddenly in March from sepsis – since the first day of school but after it went missing in November she was left heartbroken.

Despite residents scouring the neighbourhood searching for it after her mum Nicola Teeling spoke to the Star, it never resurfaced.

Lexie, who has Type One diabetes and has a pump fitted, has had night tremors since losing the locket, down to feeling "intense" guilt from losing it.

However, a 'miracle' happened on Sunday, February 17 after a man in Manchester who purchased the family's old car found the irreplaceable locket hidden down the back of a back seat.

Nicola, said: "I just got an email asking to be contacted by the new owner of our new car, which was sold on from who I sold it to, and he asked me if I had lost my dad.

"I was confused but then he mentioned what he found and my heart just stopped. He had bought the car to do it up for his girlfriend and found it hidden right down the back and underneath the back seats.

"I went and picked it up and surprised Lexie with it last night and she was just laughing and crying, just so relieved to have him back it's a miracle. I kept telling her that her dad would find his way back to her, and he did.

"I just want to thank that man for taking the time to track us down."