MORE than 720 people celebrated the birthday of 23-year-old cancer fighter Chris Carberry on Saturday after he shared an emotional post online saying "last year we didn't know if I'd get another birthday".

The former bricklayer from Rainford was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer, osteosarcoma in December 2015.

During his fight with the disease, Chris had his left leg amputated in March 2016 – a decision he described as “leg or life”.

The 2018 Pride of St Helens Courage Award winner is currently seeking alternative treatment abroad after being given a terminal diagnosis in the UK.

However, despite his battle, he documents his journey on the Facebook page The Next Step for Chris, on which he posted on Saturday: "Last year we didn't know if I'd get another birthday. Here's to another year of surviving #ChrisVsCancer"

The post included a picture of him last year when he turned 22, visibly undergoing treatment and this year, following his diagnosis, looking much better.

More than 728 reacted to the post, Angela Lillie said: "Happy birthday Chris. Hope you had a great day.

"I will be celebrating 52nd tomorrow and they said I wouldn’t see my 18th! Kicking cancer to the kerb....stay strong handsome."

Iain Griffiths said: "Happy Birthday Chris. Keep going. you’re a superstar."

Audrey Thomas said: "What a difference a year makes! Only fighters really know! X"

Chris is currently undergoing treatment abroad to the fight the disease, and has raised £129,000 following various fundraising events.

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