A 17-YEAR-OLD boy who was forced to deal with a terrifying attempted robbery at a taxi office has been given a Certificate of Commendation by Liverpool Crown Court's most senior judge.

Tyler Turner, from Sutton, was working at Critchley's Taxis in November part time when a man came into the Waterdale Place office requesting a taxi.

When one did not arrive quickly he barged his way into the office cubicle where Tyler, then 16, was alone and threatened to punch him before demanding cash and Tyler's mobile phone.

However he kept calm and kept the man talking before telling him his taxi was outside, convincing him to leave the cubicle, so he could lock him out.

The man reacted by picking up a chair and throwing it towards the office window before making off in the taxi.

After sending the offender to 27 months behind bars following a court case in December, Judge Clement Goldstone QC was so impressed by Tyler's actions at such a young age that he awarded him a Certificate of Commendation for his bravery.

Tyler, whose sister is terminally ill Batten Disease fighter Kaycee Bradshaw, attended a ceremony at Liverpool Crown Court alongside his proud dad Brian Turner on Wednesday, January 30, alongside dignitaries such as the High Sheriff of Merseyside and Judge Goldstone.

St Helens Star:

The certificate read: "His Honour Judge Goldstone QC, The Honorary Recorder of Liverpool, wishes to commend Tyler Turner for his bravery in the way that he acted in this terrifying situation and for showing maturity beyond his years, the consequences of which were that further harm to him or others was thankfully awarded."

Tyler's dad, Brian, 52, said: "For my son to be invited to what we thought was an awards ceremony to a day just for him and for a full courtroom to be saying such lovely things about my son left me gobsmacked.

"It was one of the most incredible and proudest days of my life, honestly.

"Tyler is such a kind lad that it did not surprise me when I found out he was nominated for an award but I didn't realise that the whole event was just for him.

"We were gobsmacked because apparently Judge Goldstone has never given a certificate like this out before in his 17 years as a judge, so I'm just absolutely chuffed and bursting with pride.

"They even gave him £100 from the courts to treat himself.

"When that all happened Tyler was terrified but he stayed calm and kept talking to the man despite being so young and then was clever to get him out of there.

"Add to that that when this happened he was worrying about me just having a triple bypass and his sister Kaycee who is poorly, then it shows you what kind of lad he is.

"I'm just so proud of him."