GEOFF Dancer has shared this wonderful picture from his schooldays at the former St Luke's on Knowsley Road.

The photograph was taken in 1956, says Geoff and says the pupils depicted in the picture were nine years old at the time.

Geoff says those in the photograph include:

Top row (l to r): Mr Bridge (form teacher); Rosemary Cheetham; Lorraine Simms; Brenda Morris; June Jackson; Moira Lawrenson; Margaret Clitheroe; Annette Ashcroft; Susan Harris; Mary McGrath

Second row: William Robinson; James Travis (Pablo); Douglas Whittle; Frank Harrison; Arthur Traverse; David Waine; John Burton; Geoffrey Dancer; Maurice Musgrove; Edward Hunt

Third row: Muriel Hough; Joyce Carr; Kathlene Finney; Jean McGonigal; Irene Williams; Maureen Fawcett; Norma Sharrock

Front row: Jeffrey Lamb; William Forest; Jacky Fishwick

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