MOMO'S owner Claire Rigby is calling on St Helens town centre to host an Autism Hour each week.

Mum-of-one Claire organised events for people on the autism spectrum at her Cotham Street cafe before announcing it has been forced to close due to flooding.

Now she has taken to Facebook to request that Church Square Shopping Centre schedule an Autism Hour, where unnecessary noises, bright lights and music is stopped for an hour.

This is because those on the autistic spectrum can find loud noises and sudden movements distressing.

Claire's post had great feedback, with town centre manager Gary Maddock assuring her he will speak to the Centre's staff to try and make this happen.

But Claire hopes the rest of the town centre will soon take note.

She said: "There are so many people who are on the autistic spectrum and others who have sensory issues who can find it difficult coming into town to do shopping because of the bright lights and noises.

"I know many families with members who have these issues as they cannot go shopping together or put it off for fears of a melt down in the town centre or an upset child.

"If we as a town get behind this idea, it's just an hour every week, but that hour will mean so much to families and people who need to have more independence but struggle.

"Also it won't affect anyone else who can still go shopping at that time.

"We want to get more people in the town cente to support businesses, and these people want to shop in town, they just need a few changes once a week to make them feel comfortable."