A MARTIAL arts teacher is inviting people to have the chance to learn the lost European arts described as "like Game of Thrones but how it was really done".

Duncan McEvoy teaches Historical European Martial Arts, which tries to create the methods of fighting used before gunpowder came to the continent.

Weekly sessions are held at Sutton Leisure Centre for anyone interested in learning skills in the ancient forms of combat.

"It's basically trying to create the the early types of martial arts that existed in Europe until gunpowder became prevalent," said Duncan.

"It is recreating the fighting style from back then. It is all based on historic war.

"The best way you can imagine it is like Game of Thrones but how it was actually done, rather than how it is on TV."

Duncan says various disciplines are on offer for participants who get involved.

"Based on historic sources and working with other martial arts teachers, I've created a more user-friendly syllabus that also gives you information that will be useful.

"I would start with longsword because you've got to work both hands with it," he added.

"What you find is if you try to teach people with a single-handed weapon they don't know what to do with the other one.

"There is nothing dangerous about it, most of the weapons we use are actually plastic. They are all the right weight and size but there's round edges."

Duncan, 46, says he has had a passion in sword fighting since has a child and honed his skills at the Royal Armoury in Leeds until he was ready to teach himself.

"Since I was a child I have always wanted to know how to use a sword properly and how it was actually done."

Duncan hosts sessions at Sutton Leisure Centre each Tuesday evening from 8pm to 10pm.

  • People can express an interest by emailing mcevodf@yahoo.com or by contacting Duncan on 07717546437. Duncan says he usually teaches participants aged 16 and older.