THE horrific story of murdered Helen McCourt, whose body has never been found, will appear on ITV's Judge Rinder's Crime Stories.

The show – which featured the case of Violet-Grace Youens earlier this week – will shine the spotlight on the death of Helen McCourt, 22, from Billinge, who disappeared on February 9, 1988.

George and Dragon pub landlord Ian Simms was jailed for the crime in 1989 but has never admitted what he did or where Helen’s body is.

Her mum Marie, 74, has been campaigning for a new law, which would mean convicted murderers who refuse to reveal the whereabouts of their victims’ bodies would remain behind bars.

It would be called Helen’s Law in her daughter’s memory. Marie hopes that by taking part in the programme, that she will gain the final 12,000 signatures she needs to put the petition to 10 Downing Street.

Grandmother-of-two Marie said: "It's horrible when I have to tell Helen's story over and over again every time, because to me it's like it's happening right now all over again. In my head and my heart, it is horrific.

"But I do it because it is so important her killer doesn't get released unless he tells me where my daughter is.

"I wasn't sure whether to get involved, but the show people told me that Judge Rinder is completely behind Helen's Law and especially wanted to feature it.

"I believe the show usually features two cases each episode, but the whole episode will be on Helen and Helen's Law.

"Judge Rinder will also be going on Lorraine to talk about how much we need this on the statue books, so I'm hoping that this can get us the final 12,000 signatures we need for our petition.

"I fully believe in people turning over a new leaf and learning from their mistakes and having a fresh start, but not when you leave families to suffer wondering whether my daughter's remains are in the dirt where rats are.

"I really just urge people to watch the show at 2pm on Monday, listen to my daughter's story and please consider signing the petition so her killer and will never walk free unless she has peace."

Tune into ITV at 2pm to watch the episode.

To sign the petition click here.