THE Junction pub is the first public house in Merseyside and Lancashire to provide free electric vehicle charge points for customers.

The two chargers have been tastefully incorporated into 200-litre whisky barrels located at the rear of the Rainford pub.

Landlord Paul Draper, who has owned a Nissan Leaf for the last two years, said: “It’s a great car for doing the daily school run and shopping, plus I’m not contributing to air pollution. I love my Leaf.”

Paul is a member of the Facebook group “Northwest EV Owners” and “Family EV Days Out” which advises electric vehicle enthusiasts on new charge point installations as well as giving route tips and general information.

The group also sees EV owners share pictures of their charging bays being used as parking spaces by ICE cars, meaning those with an Internal Combustion Engine.

The Junction regularly has meetings in its car park ranging from vintage motorbikes, classic cars, Land Rover clubs and even cycle events, and now will host EVs events.

The EV Junction Sunday will take place at the Junction in Rainford from 1pm on every last Sunday of the month starting in January 2019.

EV owners will show off their rides and educate ICE owners on the positive virtues of EVs.

Paul added: “Every proud owner of an EV loves nothing more than attempting to convert ICE owners to the ways of the EV, it happened to me and I have never looked back.”