AFTER the birth of a child, it can be difficult for parents returning to work – so one mum decided to send her partner a picture of their son everyday so he doesn't miss out.

Vicki Swift and John Tunstall from Chain Lane were overjoyed when they welcomed their first child Xander four months ago.

John took his paternity leave from his work as a delivery driver, especially to help new mum Vicki who had had a difficult pregnancy.

But after returning to work which involves early starts, the 38-year-old first time dad was missing his new favourite part of the day – getting little Xander dressed.

So Vicki, 33, decided to send a picture everyday to John, which has shown his son’s growth from a premature tiny baby to the handsome chap he is today.

Vicki, who got in touch to send pictures of Xander to our online gallery of Babies Born in 2018, said: "After John went back after paternity leave he missed getting Xander up and ready in the morning as from the get go he wanted input in every part of his life.

"I started doing it and he just loves it. In fact when I haven't done it he comes in and tells me off.

"It's a lot of fun as well because some days like Hallowe'en and around Christmas I get him in a costume.

"We've been doing this now since Xander was around three to four weeks old, so we can look back and see him growing from when he was tiny as he was premature.

"It's something John just loves, it's hard enough going back to work after paternity leave, but at least this way he can see what Xander is wearing every day and it's nice for us and Xander to look back on when he's older."