AN eight-year-old boy with autism has gone way out of his comfort zone to help feed 31 families who have very little this Christmas.

Keon Brown from Sutton has autism and learning difficulties. This means that he can struggle socially, can't read or write yet and struggles to get out of his home unless it is to school.

He also struggles to eat food himself.

However after hearing that others may not have food to eat this Christmas, the Sherdley Primary School pupil decided to face his fears and ask for food donations.

He also offered £20 of his own pocket money.

His proud mum Simone, 38, said: "Keon is a lovely little boy but doesn't really have any interests or anything.

"I am on a group on Facebook called From My Home to Yours and he heard about how people have very little to eat and that the group was sorting hampers of food to give to people at Christmas.

"After me telling him, Keon said to me: ‘Mummy, people have not got food in their tummies and food makes them strong. So can we collect food from our family for them?’

"I didn't know what to say, autistic people struggle sometimes to show empathy but he was being so thoughtful so I said I would ask them and it went from there.

"I also put a post on Facebook and went shopping ourselves online, because Keon struggles going out, but he spent his own money.

"We got enough to feed 31 families and now he wants to carry on.

"When the lady came from the group to pick up the food and he hugged her, that's huge for him.

"When you have a child with difficulties it is amazing when they can get out of their comfort zone - especially when they decide to do that to help others.

"He said to me ‘Mummy I feel proud’, and that's all I've ever wanted to hear him say because I couldn't be more proud of Keon."